Why blog?

29 Oct

There is a process to writing a blog post.

Most of the posts i consider writing i just give up on them even before writing a single word. It might not be evident but it takes effort to write something. Even a post that is just a few hundred words long and reads like something a teenager would write.

The greatest hurdle i have to overcome when deciding whether or not to write a post is “why?”.

Why write anything that has in all probability already been written dozens, hundreds of times? Not only that, but better written as well.

This process eliminates around 70% (a percentage supported by overwhelming empirical evidence) of the possible posts i think about writing. The remaining 30% go around, not over, this hurdle without actually answering the question.

Why bother writing anything when others with more knowledge, talent and with considerably more effort have already written it?

Apart from the feeling that it helps me let some steam off i have no other answer to this. But this only explains the writing part of it and not why i am making it public.

Why does a blog post that probably contributes and means nothing to anyone but myself need to be written and published at all?

Like this one.

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