What do the articles i read say about me?

16 Oct

It’s strange.

My life is at a point where having a family is not even on the horizon. Neither mentally nor practically. Yet, many of the articles i read, i should say, choose to read are about people having a child and what compromises they may have to make. Especially mothers. Articles about the early development of young children, whether it’s about the way they are raised or even what games to play with them.

Once i read these i then proceed and share them with friends who already have kids or are expecting.

But what does it say about me?

Do i deep down desire my own family or am i reading about this because it’s everywhere around me?  Honestly, i can’t say it’s the former. I just don’t see it unless it’s a subconscious thing. But then why am i so interested in this?

I am also drawn to articles of management at work. But this i can connect with the articles on self-identity and purpose in life which i am also particularly interested. This makes more sense to me as i feel i am a crossing point in life. I don’t know whether it’s as significant as it appears to be and whether there is as much future as there is past after this crossing but it’s actually what keeps my up at night. Plus, I never remember my dreams.

I do remember a time when all i was reading about was football, video game and defence (!!!) magazines. I miss those calmer and less stressful times.

So, what do the articles i read say about me now?

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Posted by on October 16, 2012 in Antidote, Lifestyle



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