26 Sep

I finished Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh last night. I highly recommend it although it did not turn out to be the must read non-fiction book i initially thought it would be.

The first half of the book is tremendous as it provides the reader with a link between nature and mathematics, the history of the theorem with some accessible mathematical problems along the way which kept me hooked. In the third quarter of the book i found that particular part of the history of the attempts made to prove it not quite so interesting and would have preferred that it was shorter. In the final quarter i was at times very disengaged as the mathematical parts were completely alien to me and the Andrew Wiles story in the end was a bit anti-climactic. Which is surprising since that’s where the proof of the theorem is discovered and should have been fascinating.

I don’t want to take anything away from this book as i still highly rate it and deserves to be read by anyone regardless of mathematical background although people with more knowledge of mathematics will definitely appreciate it more. An excellent popular science book.


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