Family ties

24 Sep

It finally happened.

I played a board game with my family.

Last Friday night we played Survive: Escape from Atlantis which now is definitely the best family game i own. It has never failed me so far.

The players: My dad, my sister, my brother in law and myself.

Stock keeper: My god daughter was in charge of all the components which were not being used i.e. boats, whales and sharks!

They loved it!

Watching my father move a shark to eat my sister’s swimmer and laughing while doing it was priceless.

Here is an excellent video review of the game. Survive is a remake of a game originally published in 1986. It’s very simple to learn to play and it has gorgeous components as you can see from the video. If you are looking for a family game to buy which you can play with anyone i highly recommend this game and also it’s 5-6 expansion pack. I’ve also read that the squid expansion is great.

Oh, and my sister won our game.


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