Recommended Articles, 21 September 2012

21 Sep
  • UEFA’s FFP Regulations – Play To Win written by Swiss Ramble. If you have any interest in the financial state of football clubs today and UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations this is a must read.

Premier League TV rights distribution –  50% of the domestic rights and 100% of the overseas rights are distributed equally among the clubs, with merit payments (25% of domestic rights) only worth £757,000 per place in the league table and facility fees (25% of domestic rights) fairly similar, based on the number of times each club is broadcast live.

  • Board Games are back – In my continuous quest to spread the hobby of board games this is a good and informative article on Eurogamer.

“I want to begin by telling you that board games have grown up but, actually, board games have been growing up for a while now. They’ve started to carry a dignity and a sense of style that’s turning the head of many a video gamer. It’s like they went away to boarding school young and geeky, and now they’ve returned as buff and hunky adults, all strut and swagger. Sales are rising year on year, while the hobby’s biggest convention (Spiel, in Essen, Germany) now attracts more attendees than E3 and PAX combined. Most importantly, more and more video gamers are buying board games and if you’re not yet one of them, let me tell you why you should be.”

I am one of them

  • LEGO and the future of gaming Part 1 and Part 2 – Two highly readable and interesting posts by Bill Harris of Dubious Quality on LEGO and video games. In Part 3 Bill Harris posts email responses to his two posts.

“The individuals who run football clubs with, in many cases, breathtaking incompetence, continue to manifest total disdain for football fans. Periodically, the cast-list is shaken up — new additions to the familiar clutch of pompous businessmen seeking personal aggrandisement — but the attitudes are as entrenched as ever.”

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