De-clutter diary (2)

17 Sep

It’s incredible what you can find when you start going through closets, drawers and storage rooms. Some stuff you no longer use and never will again and other you actually were looking for but got lost among the clutter.

There is also a very satisfying feeling in knowing what you own in your closets and drawers. In fact i’d like to buy a few clothes now but i will only do so unless i donate some of the ones i already own. I am applying the same principle to other things like boardgames and kitchenware for example.

Home Organising Tips:

  • From now on i will also keep a plastic bag in the boot of the car where i can put clothes not needed on a  regular basis.

De-cluttering continued in the past 3 weeks with the below:

  • 2 Bags of clothes and linen. – donated
  • 11 Books (already read) – released in the wild (BookCrossing) at my building. This is going very well indeed. For 2 weeks no one was taking any more of these books but in the last few days 3 more were taken.
  • 1 Book (already read) – released in the wild (BookCrossing) at a Costa Coffee shop
  • 1 Book (never read) – released in the wild (BookCrossing) at Akropolis Park
  • 4 Pillows slightly used – given away
  • A set of Christmas lights which i had not used in years – given away
  • Wired keyboard and mouse which i never used – given away
  • Pictionary board game (greek) in good condition – It’s a good game but now i own too many which are better so i gave this away.
  • Battlestar Galactica board game (i had two copies) in ok condition – given away
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