It’s the little things that count

10 Sep

I am slowly coming to realise that most of the time it’s the small, everyday,  routine things in life which keep me going. They are at first glance banal but in the end these are what actually make the difference on a daily basis.

A few of these little things in my life,

  • Monday morning fantasy league talk at the office
  • The Weekend FT
  • A good road trip
  • A good board game session
  • Lunch with Ms C
  • Lunch with the triumvirate of Super M, Hi-Tech A and Grandpa C
  • The process i go through when deciding on a book to read
  • Starting the new book
  • Grinding and brewing my morning filter coffee
  • Writing a good post on my blog
  • Someone commenting on my blog
  • De-cluttering my flat
  • A good conversation on omegle
  • Watching a beautiful woman walking from my office window
  • Eating ksekounia (a variety of beans) with tuna
  • Giving birthday presents
  • A great movie
  • A great TV show
  • Discovering a great music artist
  • Email correspondence with my cousin M
  • Lucy Kellaway’s monday morning Business Life column in the FT
  • Driving through Kuriakou Matsi on a Sunday morning
  • Drinking Perrier and eating salted chips
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Posted by on September 10, 2012 in Antidote, Lifestyle



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