RVP goes to MUFC

17 Aug

I am an Arsenal fan but as people close to me know i am not an Arsene Wenger fan.

Yet, the decision to sell RVP finds me in complete agreement. It seems that AW has learned his lesson after the Fabregas-Nasri fiasco last year when he stubbornly held on to the two players until the last few days of the tranfer season. Their inevitable departure and the panic, last minute buys left us in shambles and only RVPs sensational season kept us in the Champions League positions.

RVP is 29 years old and prone to injury. He has had one great season in all his Arsenal years. The rest were mere half seasons. He should never have been a striker for a team to rely on. I would have preferred that he was sold to a league outside the premiership, but that’s the Arsenal fan in me talking. In my opinion MUFC have paid way too much for him and we got the better end of the deal. It does not change our ambitions which unfortunately is simply to qualify for CL next season.

At least the whole deal shows that Wenger has finally learned from some of his mistakes.

However, what bothers me is this.

After we stuck with RVP all those years when he was injured i expected him to show more gratitude and loyalty to his club and manager. I know football now is a completely professional sport but these things still matter to people. I don’t think RVP left because of a higher salary. That was an extra. A bonus. He joined MUFC because of his desire to win trophies. He joined MUFC because he believes SAF is more capable of doing it than AW.

For all the Arsenal fans’ boasts that AW is building teams for the future and developing talent, it seems that he shows no loyalty to players (see our contract policy for 30yr olds and our treatment of Eduardo) and inspires none from his players. After Bergamp’s retirement I can no longer see a Del Piero, a Scholes, a Giggs, an Inzaghi finishing a career at Arsenal. Not with AW at the helm.

People criticise RVP for leaving and showing no loyalty to the club. That all he cares about is money. People should wake up and realise that Arsenal Football Club is the most capitalistically run club in the world at the moment. It’s all about profit and loss and balance sheets. By simply handing over captaincy to the next player will not change this reality.


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2 responses to “RVP goes to MUFC

  1. Kassapis

    August 18, 2012 at 17:30

    I agree with certain parts of your thoughts on which I will not expand as they represent facts that had happenned e.g. injuries of RVP, transfers of Fabregas and Nasri, etc. I cannot however share your view that RVP left because of his desire to win trophies and that is more likely to happen in MANU with SAF. If this was the reason then RVP could have requested a move some years ago and not at the age of 29. For me this is a late call. RVP knows that he has 1-2 football years in front of him and it is doubtful whether he will be able to perform at a level that will place him in football history as a successful footballer. Locking a long term contract with MANU and getting the money is the definition that RVP gives to success. I do not expect that he will win any trophy with MANU and If he does so this will not be because of his performance. It will be like something Torres and the national team of Spain winning the Euro of 2012, every single Spanish player deserved it except Torres. Is this success? For me it is not.

    And I am wondering, if Arsenal’s management is only concerned about profits and balance sheets then what is your comment on the prospective listing of MANUs shares in NYSE through a cayman registered company? Ultimately having a healthy balance sheet nowdays is a must, and MANU has an advantage on this, not because their Management is more capable, but simply because they enjoy the profits from having one of the most successful football brands in the world. Arsenal should look elsewhere for funding to survive and this is through trading (buy-sell) of assets like RVP, who has proved to be a liability, as you said.

    No fan and no Management can place themselves above Arsenal. In many years when everything becomes history we will be able to draw conclusions. AW has not been that successful so far, I agree, but lets wait and see.

  2. Costas Taliadoros

    August 19, 2012 at 17:33

    Ela re,

    The reason, i believe, RVP left now and not before was that (1) his contract had only 1 year to expire (2) because he had the best season of his life so more opportunities were available to
    him than previous years and (3) he is 29. Like i said, our contract policy for players older than 30 is leading many out of the club. Whether he wins anything at MUFC i really don’t care to be honest.

    MUFC is handicapped by its ownership. The club is paying the debts of the owners and that’s part of the reason of the listing. They still retain control since the shares listed are preference shares so they have less voting rights than the Glazers’ shares. But MUFC is still willing to make a loss on player acquisitions and buy experienced players who are ready to play whereas Arsenal almost never is.

    I agree with you completely that no management should be above the club. But unfortunately this had not been the case at Arsenal where people have been turning a blind eye to AW’s shortcomings for years now.


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