Coffee shops & books sharing – an idea

02 Aug

The paperback is losing it’s appeal. The convenience of the e-book reader and the decrease of its price added to the lack of space in the modern-day apartment has only sped up the shift from the physical to the electronic format.

However, there is one big advantage to the paperback. It can be shared. Coffee shops are ideal to promote this idea of sharing books.

I am suggesting that is a small stand or shelf where 2-3 used paperback books can be on “display”. People can then just pick them up and take them home to read. Ideally, the person can replace it with a book he or she has already then. I would even place a couple of books that i have already read and are still in my collection.

In fact, i have some books which i am trying to get rid of for some time now because i simply lack the space. I am not going to re-read most of them, so most likely i will put them in a box and then take the box to my store-room where it will remain untouched until the next time i run out of space.

So, if you know anyone who owns a coffee shop please ask them to do this!

It costs nothing to the shop apart from some limited shelf space or counter space. Then let me know where i can start placing mine. Maybe I’ll borrow and read a paperback once again in the process.


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2 responses to “Coffee shops & books sharing – an idea

  1. jameswharris

    August 2, 2012 at 18:40

    At work we have a “Free Books” table on the 3rd floor. We’ve had it for years. People drop off books, other people take them. It works great.

    And Costas, have you seen Book Crossing – – it’s a fantastic concept.


    • Costas Taliadoros

      August 3, 2012 at 11:17

      Hey Jim,

      These are pretty cool ideas! I think my office is too small to set up something like that but i may try a modified version!

      As for bookcrossing thanks for the link. Brilliant! I will definitely do it for some of the books!!


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