Vacations at Treis Elies

09 Jul

One of my new year’s resolutions is to travel more, either by myself, with friends or family. I finally took the first, small step towards achieving it last week. I spent two nights in the Treis Elies village together with my father, uncle and aunt who were visiting from Austria.

Treis Elies is a village with a population of 25 according to the latest census, which took place last year. Most of them over 70 years old.

Kalws ta kopellia”, a sort of a “hello boys”, was the greeting from the 85 year old (i estimate) lady, who i think owns one of the two the village coffeshops, to my dad and uncle (both in their 60s).

Being greeted by everyone you come across, whether on foot or by car, is standard there which is something i found quite appealing and uncomfortable at the same time.

We stayed at The Spitiko tou Archonta which is basically an old, renovated house split into flats but has kept its character and personality. The place has a beautiful overview of the whole village, as you can see from the photo below.

Photos of To Spitiko toy Archonta, Treis Elies
This photo of To Spitiko toy Archonta is courtesy of TripAdvisor

It’s a quiet and peaceful village with barely any traffic. At night you can hear the nearby stream. The morning however was the best part for me. Watching and listening to the small village slowly coming to life. The birds waking up, the old lady cleaning the coffeshop, the few good mornings being exchanged here and there.

There is a 2.5km trail there with a Venetian bridge which ends near Ayios Nikolaos. I walked around half of it. You can even walk the roads on foot, as cars are a rare sight.

The lady (owner) of The Spitiko tou Archonta, Androulla, also prepares breakfast and dinner on request. We had chicken with plums and gemista on the first night and trout on the second. This was perfect as we usually made our excursions during the day to Platres, Troodos, Platania and a couple of monasteries but went back to the village in the afternoon to relax and eat dinner. I especially enjoyed our stop on the way to Treis Elies at the coffeshop of the Department of Forests at Platania. Gorgeous place, which i had not visited in many, many years.

The only negative was the mosquitoes which i did not realise were biting me until after i was already bitten 4-5 times. Other than that it was a fantastic place to spend a few days.I t’s definitely a place i would love to revisit, particularly between September and Maybe, and also the wider area around Troodos.

Verdict of belongings i took with me:

Kindle – Superb! FT delivered on time plus A Game of Thrones now at 25%.
Nintendo DS
– Zero useage. Given up on both the DS and the Radiant Historia.
– The only noise being the birds and the stream. Too beautiful to block with music.
AKG headphones
– See ipod.
Destiny Quest – Too busy with Kindle book and newspaper.
Onirim – See above.
High Society card game – Did not even come up. In the day we were too busy with the trips around Troodos and the nights were all about the dinner, the tea, the dessert and the conversations while watching over peaceful Treis Elies.

Once again, i took too many things with me. Something i want to work on.


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