T.G.I Zolos, 6 July 2012

06 Jul

It’s holiday season for me right now so let’s do this quickly!

  • TV SeriesForbrydelsen (Season 2) was once again all about the twists & turns in the “who dunnit” genre. I was more impressed with the first season to be honest than the second one because everything was new at the time. The language, the setting, the topic and especially the main character, Sarah Lund. I think she had also played a bigger role in that season compared to this one. This season was more political than last time, which had spent a lot of time on the repercussions of the crime to the victim’s family. One of the more important disappointments was the ending which contrasted to the excellent ending i thought the first season had. But there were some positives in Season 2, such as the Minister of Justice character who i really liked. Finally, Season 2 is much shorter, just 10 episodes, which is a plus in my book as i felt Season 1 dragged on at times without adding value to the series. Overall it’s still a recommendation from me in spite of several issues i had with it.
  • Books – I’ve started reading A Game of Thrones, book 1 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Only read around 10% so it’s still early but my initial impression is that people who are enjoying the TV Series will also enjoy reading the books.
  • Vacations – Spending two nights up in the mountains (3 Elies) and doing my share of agro-tourism. Taking the following with me!
    – With A Game of Thrones plus many, many articles, newspapers and mags.
    Nintendo DS
    – final attempt to continue playing Radiant Historia
    – for music, to save the battery on the Iphone
    AKG headphones
    – excellent pair of headphones and quite portable
    Destiny Quest – Time to start this “choose your own adventure book”. I am cautiously optimistic about this experience.
    Onirim – card game which can also be played solitaire
    High Society card game – Just in case i manage to convince my family to play a card game while we are up there.

Canon SLR stays home…. Absolutely no desire to take it with me. I really need to sell this.

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