T.G.I Zolos, 29 June 2012

29 Jun

It was another slow week and so another short T.G.I Zolos post. Things should pick up from next week.

  • MoviesIt’s Kind of a Funny Story is a film that could have been good to great. Instead it’s safe to say that it’s ordinary in its plot, jokes, characters and acting. It was even disappointing in some respects. Especially the main character, who turns out to be a talented teenager and quite popular in the psychiatric ward, where he is self-admitted, whereas i would find him a lot more interesting if he was just ordinary instead with more than just superficial confidence issues. However, i could still relate to it on some level and therefore rated it higher than maybe i should have. A very biased recommendation from me.
    A Better Life
    is the story of a mexican illegal immigrant father trying to raise his US born son. I really liked this one a lot.
    “Why do all these poor people have kids? What’s the point?”  Luis Galindo
  • Books – Finally finished American Tabloid. Since i’ve mentioned this book many times before i will only say that i highly recommend it and i will definitely read even more James Ellroy novels in the future.
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