It’s the alcohol stupid

25 Jun

Old and regular readers of the blog know that I am currently taking medication which affects the liver. One of my new year’s resolutions was to limit my drinking as per my doctor’s recommendation. After some stomach problems i decided to stay completely sombre. I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol for 4 months now.

Then came the Euro and i am talking about the football! To me Euro tournaments always meant beer, snacks and more beer. So i decided to get some non-alcoholic beers to join my friends in the beer drinking while watching the games.

I tried 4 different brands of lager and all of them were quite refreshing and tasty. Two of these brands i never drank the alcoholic version so there was no way for me to tell the difference.

But while drinking i thought “what’s the point?”. I could not see why i should not drink something else instead, say ice tea or coffee, or juice. And i could not find an answer. Because maybe there is no point in drinking non-alcoholic beer.

And it’s not just beer. Now I don’t think i would even drink whiskey if it was non-alcoholic. Even if the taste was the same. I do enjoy the taste but at the end of the day that’s not why i am drinking it. It’s the alcohol i desire in all these drinks and without the alcohol these look pointless in my eyes.

Of course one could say the same thing about de-caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee which i do drink. Is there a difference between caffeine and alcohol then? Hmmm..


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