Financial Times Kindle Edition

25 Jun

If you’ve clicked on the Something New page in the past couple of days you would see that i’ve wiritten my first customer review of Amazon. Considering how long i’ve been using that site it really took me a long time to do it.

This is what i wrote on 21 June 2012 regarding the kindle edition of the Financial Times UK under the heading Expensive and no FT Magazine:

“I love the FT.

But two problems i have with the Kindle edition, of which i am still a subscriber:

1. Expensive. At US$27.99 you should also have access to the site, not just the kindle edition. Otherwise it should be a lot cheaper like US$10-US$14 max.

2. No FT Magazine in the weekend Kindle edition which i think is a big omission.”

On 23 June, the first Weekend FT after i wrote the above, the kindle edition included the FT Magazine as the final section. It blew my mind. At first i thought i must have made a mistake and that there was always a section of the FT Magazine and i just had not noticed it. But i confirmed it with another regular FT kindle edition subscriber that it was indeed the first time he had seen it as well.

I went back yesterday, 23 June 2012, and added the below to my review:

“Ok, i don’t know whether this is just a coincidence or an unbelievably fast response from FT, but today’s Weekend FT includes the FT Magazine. Thank you. I have added a star to my original rating.”

I still find it difficult to believe that the FT management was so responsive to a customer review. But i have not  found another explanation yet. I hope that some day they will also respond to the pricing criticism but one thing that i am certain of is that this is not going to be my last customer review.

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