T.G.I Zolos, 22 June 2012

22 Jun

I have not been able to do much because of the Euro. That’s why there was no T.G.I Zolos last week!

In fact even my sleep has suffered since i could not go to bed before midnight with the exception of the past couple of days. I am an early riser but i am an early sleeper as well. These past two weeks i have only been the former and it caught up with me big time.

In any case here’s what i have been doing in terms of entertainment:

  • TV Series – I’ve been watching Men of a Certain Age (season 2). What do i think of it? Hmmm. I don’t think it’s particularly good. It’s pretty average and it’s a great shame as i find the issues that are dealt in this show relevant to me since i feel that the decisions i make now will affect how i am when i am 50. I think it’s too superficial in the way it deals with people’s relationships. Even the 3 main characters’ relationship feels that way. And i always feel sympathetic towards them and their actions whereas i would like some moral ambiguity in terms of the decisions they make. More grey areas which is something that HBO usually does well. I am going to finish the season but i am not sure if i will continue with season 3. The thing that is drawing me towards it is that it feels relevant to me. It’s the possible future of my life in a way. Maybe not strictly speaking but in general i think that applies.
  • Books – As i mentioned on Wednesday i started reading American Tabloid by James Ellroy. Two things. First, he is one of the most difficult writers I’ve read in terms of style and writing. There are times when i find myself completely lost. The second thing is that i’m certain i’m missing lots of details, jokes, historical events that get twisted or “explained”. Nevertheless i’m loving it. A fantastic book so far and one that deserves to be re-read one day.
  • Coffee – Finally made the switch to cold coffee. Freddo (black, no sugar) from Coffee Island for just EUR2. It’s not a complete rip off. 🙂
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