The old man and the newspaper guy

18 Jun

Every Saturday i see this guy, must be in his mid-thirties, at the coffee place reading his newspaper. Most of the times he is sitting alone, outside next to the road.

Every Saturday, this old man, must be in his sixties if not older, goes past the coffee house riding a bike which must be even older than he is. He wears a hut and he carries supermarket bags stuffed with cans amongst other things.

Every Saturday the old man stops next to a couple of recycling bins which are next to the coffee place. The old man goes through the contents of the recycling bins a few meters away from this guy who is still reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee.

Every Saturday the old man then takes his bike and walks past the coffee place. He stops just outside the glass panel that separates him and the newspaper guy.

Every Saturday the old man asks him for money and the newspaper guy puts his newspaper down and says no. Every time. Then the men working in the cafe come out and chase the old man away.

Every Saturday the newspaper guy watches the old man as he gets on his bike and rides away. The newspaper guy just sits there, staring at him.

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Posted by on June 18, 2012 in Antidote


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