T.G.I Zolos, 8 June 2012

08 Jun

It’s the end of the week and it’s another T.G.I.Zolos! Although i have a few things to talk about (even though i forgot to attend my regular boardgame meeting!) the next few weeks might prove a bit more difficult because of the EURO. The football will absorb a substantial amount of my available leisure time in the next few weeks. But for now here it is!

  • MoviesThe Adventures of Tin Tin. Visually it’s a stunning movie so it’s definitely worth watching just for that. But as a movie and story it’s a bit boring to be honest. Also i found TinTin to be a bit wooden and uninteresting as a character. I think that’s how he is in the comics but i am not sure. Contagion was disappointing as it has absolutely nothing new to offer. An all-star cast in a very average film. In general i hate it when films try to manipulate you (e.g. The Help) but sometimes the manipulation does work on me. The Music Never Stopped is such a movie. I loved J.K Simmons’ character and performance and also “Gabriel’s” scenes where he is “awakened” by his music. And there is some great music in this movie. This one i recommend although i understand that i have been manipulated…..
  • TV SeriesGames of Thrones season 2 has ended and my opinion of it has changed from neutral to recommend this season. I like it a lot. Not loving it yet. But maybe i will get there next season. Maybe. Oh yeah, the books will be my summer read for sure!! 🙂
  • Books – If you are looking for a a noir, crime writer look no further than James Ellroy.  I finished The Black Dahlia this week and he is an excellent writer. Difficult to read but worth going the extra mile. Especially, if you then go on and read more of his books. It gets easier. I started reading another book of his now, American Tabloid, which is set in the late 1950s and includes historical characters such as JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Jimmi Hoffa, Howard Hughes and J.Edgar Hoover. So far it’s brilliant!
  • Board games – Played a few 2 player games with The Big Dude. Neuroshima Hex and 2 De Mayo. The latter is a cat and mouse game while the former is an abstract post-apocalyptic wargame where there are four unique and distinct armies to play with. Both games are very good and relatively short (30-40mins). I especially appreciated playing Neuroshima again for which i need to get a hold of its expansions. Definitely two games i want to play more of.
  • Euro 2012 – WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! It starts today!! 2 matches a day in the group stage means that i will be fully occupied so i imagine my other activities will suffer. But it’s the EURO!!!!!! At times like these (fear of uncertainty) enjoying this kind of football with family and friends is all one could wish for.  Oh, and if you are more serious about this EURO tournament check out the site of for the team and match previews. Brilliant stuff, especially in tournaments such as these where tactics play a huge part.

Happy bets, GO GREECE! and enjoy the footie!

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