When the ref and the rules fail the game

11 Apr


“Referee Martin Atkinson took no action in the match, but reported the incident had been seen, ruling out retrospective Football Association action.”

“Retrospective action was introduced for off-the-ball incidents where there was no contest for possession and could not be deemed to be re-refereeing an incident.In agreement with Fifa, this is how ‘not seen’ incidents are dealt with retrospectively in England. It is a policy that is agreed with all football stakeholders.”

This is the tackle Mr Atksinson “had seen” but did not book Balotelli for.

FIFA basically do not want to overrule the referees decision in post match analyses. I understand that, since it would open “pandora’s box”, especially as we see referees and assistant referees constantly making the wrong decisions.

However, you should do something about it.

For one, the FA should penalise Mr Atkinson for failing to get the right decision in this deliberate, almost career ending tackle. Maybe, send him down a division or two where he can continue to “not see ” clearly more of these career ending tackles.

Hopefully, by the time he comes back to the Premier League again, FIFA introduces some sort of “video technology”. When i say “video technology” i mean an official watching tv replays during the game (together with the rest of humanity) and advising the referee. Much like the rest of the officials on the pitch do right now, but better.

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