Would you buy an ugly car?

05 Apr

I was not looking to buy a car. It just happened that for the past 2 weeks I had been driving a brand new, “loaner” car and I loved almost everything about it. The size, the quality of the (majority of) materials, the engine, suspension and most importantly, i LOVED driving it. It was 2 weeks of driving bliss. I am not talking about a supercar but a normal, everyday 1.6ltr hatchback with 134bhp.

Yet, i hated one thing. Its looks. It ruined the deal. But should looks matter? What weight should it have in the decision? I mean, as a driver it ticked all the important boxes. Either very good or excellent.

Now i can’t get over the thought that i might be more superficial than i care to admit. I am prepared to sacrifice the more substantial aspects of a car to get a better looking “face and body”.

And it makes me wonder now whether this stops at cars.

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