Laws of the Game – a suggestion for penalising divers

03 Apr

In the Newcastle Vs Liverpool game on Sunday, Andy Carroll was one-on-one with the keeper and blatantly dived. But the Newcastle keeper was half a meter away from him so it was easy for the referee to book Carroll with a yellow card and give a free kick against his team.

Carroll could easily have tried to score the goal as he did go past the keeper. He had a very good chance of scoring without the need to dive.

Why did he do it then?

The problem is that the benefits involved in making that dive far outweighed the costs. If the referee had been fooled, he would have given a red card to the Newcastle keeper and a penalty to Liverpool. That would have crippled Newcastle from an early stage in the game as it would have left the team with (probably) a 1 goal deficit and down to 10 men.

The maximum cost, as we saw, was a yellow card for the striker. That’s it. So it was worth the gamble.

Therefore I suggest that the penalty for diving should be the same as the reward.

If the result of the dive could have been a red card and a penalty, the penalty for a dive should be the same but against the diver’s team. Maybe giving a penalty while in the opposition area will be difficult to implement, but the card should at least be of the same colour.

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