A board game a day – Survive

04 Mar

– Survive: Escape from Atlantis (45-60mins, 2-4players)

Survive: Escape from Atlantis (2011) is a reprint of an older game which was first released in 1982.

The premise of the game is that players have their people on an island which is sinking and they must get their people to safety. They can swim or use boats. But of course it’s not that simple. These are dangerous waters. There are whales that destroy boats, sharks which eat swimmers and monsters which do both!!

It’s a mean game as you are not only trying to save your own people but at the same time have the other players’ people killed. But it’s so much fun! I’ve only played Survive once but it won me over immediately. It’s definitely one of the best family games i’ve ever played.

The production quality of this game is simply incredible. A gorgeous board, cardboard land tiles with varying levels of thickness depending on the terrain and nice wooden pieces.

Unfortunately Amazon no longer has it in stock so i did not link to it. It’s a more difficult game to get a hold of but there are a couple of dedicated online boardgame shops you can check out.

Philibert (FR) (in stock)
Milan-Spiele (DE) (currently out of stock)

The below video review by Drakkenstrike is excellent but If you don’t want to watch all of it, just skip to 10:32mins and watch the time lapse gameplay part to get a feel of the game flow and how the actual board changes.

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