A board game a day – Ticket to Ride: Europe

01 Mar

Ticket to Ride: Europe (30-60mins, 2-5players)

There is a caveat with regards to Ticket to Ride. I don’t particularly like it. 🙂 It’s certainly not one of my favourite family/party board games. Why am i including it then? Well, it’s very popular with women. Maybe it’s the coloured cards you get to hold or the not so confrontational nature of the game. I don’t know. But it is, so it’s easy to get it to the table which means it’s a very good option to have around.

There are many variations of this game starting from the original Ticket to Ride. I recommend the Europe version as it offers some more game play elements compared to the original version plus the familiarity of the European map.

“The basic idea of the game is build train routes connecting various cities across Europe to collect more points than your opponents. To complete a route requires a number of coloured Truck Cards of a certain colour. Long routes are worth more points than short routes but require some hard saving of Truck Cards. Points are awarded for completing a route between cities, completing a Ticket (a longer route made up of smaller routes), and by having the longest sequential route on the map at the end.”

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