A board game a day – Dixit

27 Feb

DIXIT (30-40mins, 3-6 players)

Dixit is currently one of my favourite party games.

The rules are ridiculously simple as it mostly relies on people’s imagination. I can’t recommend this game highly enough both as a family and as a party game. The picture cards are of a high quality and extremely creative as you can see from some of the pictures below.

It’s a game which plays better with 5-6 players even though its makers claim that it’s playable with 3 and 4.

“Everyone gets a hand of picture cards and on your turn you choose a card, describe it with a sound, word, sentence, quotation etc. and place it face down. The other players must select a card from their hand that matches your description, again placing it face down. The selected cards are all shuffled. The other players then vote on which card they think was the original, but here’s the clever part – If they all get it, or if none of them get it, you get no points and everyone else gets points. You have to make your description a little vague to include one or two other cards, but not so vague that it no longer really describes anything. If you manage this, you get points, those who found your card get points, and those whose card fooled other people get points. The player with most points wins when all the cards have been drawn.”

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