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10 Feb

Inspired by James Harris’ blog post, Living in the Cloud: Chrome, I’ve finally taken a closer look at the Firefox extensions. I’ve only been messing around with them for a few days now but I can tell you there are some fantastic ones available. I will be mentioning a few every now and then and give my experience with them.  Maybe you will find some that suit you if you are also using Firefox.

In addition Firefox, much like Chrome, also allows users to synchronise browsers between devices. Therefore any changes you make to your bookmarks, to-do lists and add-ons on the PC at work synchronise to my laptop and home desktop. It actually works brilliantly.

Evernote Clearly

I dislike reading on the PC monitor so I can only manage to read a few short articles a day. It’s a combination of the screen and the upright seating position when using a desktop (yes, I don’t have a tablet!). I do most of my web article reading on the Kindle using applications such as Calibre, Instapaper, Read it Later and Send to Reader.

Evernote’s Clearly however has been a revelation and it has changed the way i do my reading on the web (admittedly it’s only been a few days, but still!). The add-on allows one to eliminate everything but the text of the main article and therefore reduce the distractions while reading. Reminds me of the Kindle App in fact. In addition there are options to choose from with regards to the font size and the background. My writing does not do justice to the difference it makes to reading. It is also connected to the Evernote application if you are using it’s so it very easy to clip articles.


Reader works in a similar way to Evernote clearly. The advantage it has to Clearly is the integration of emailing the article. However, i use a different add-on for emailing articles that so i don’t use it as much as Clearly. Also i prefer Clearly’s ease of use with regards to adjusting fonts and background to Reader’s, although the latter does offer more customization.


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2 responses to “Firefox extensions

  1. jameswharris

    February 10, 2012 at 14:35

    Once you get used to an extension like Clearly, Reader, Reader Redux so web reading becomes easier, it does change your habits. I recently bought a Sunday edition of the New York Times thinking it might be nostalgic fun to read a newspaper the old way. It was only aggravation. The print was so small and the paper so unwieldy that I realized I had wasted my $5. In some ways reading on the screen with Clearly is better reading on my iPad because the browser is so much more powerful on a desktop/laptop. The browser has become a computer within a computer with its own OS features.

    • costastaliadoros

      February 11, 2012 at 11:35

      Funnily enough what i miss most from the paper version of a newspaper is the sound it makes when handling it 🙂


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