The Edge feeling

27 Jan

I bought my first Edge magazine in 1994. A friend and i used to take turns buying each issue to save money. I got it one month and he got it the next.

Our first purchase was issue 11 and on the cover had a photo of the first Playstation.

“PS-X Sony’s world-beating gamebox exposed”.

It was amazing! I was blown away. What a magazine! The quality of the cover and the glossy paper was unrivalled (It still is). That issue also had “Voted Magazine of the Year” on the left hand corner of the cover which only strengthened my faith in it. It became my videogame bible from that day on.

To buy an issue required effort since it was only sold at a handful of kiosks, so i had to be driven there. I would start reading it as soon as i was back in the car heading home. Buying and reading Edge was one of the highlights of my childhood.

This relationship continued until i finished my studies and got back from the UK in 2001. At that time Edge had a challenger. It was called the internet. In the beginning this was a cheap competitor. Poorly written features and reviews and always a step behind in almost everything. Especially the quality. The Edge review would still dictate whether a game would be purchased or not.

However, things were changing. Edge was losing its magic. In an effort to bring it all back i managed to get a hold of every monthly issue i had missed or lost on Ebay. It was probably the last great moment we shared. Seeing the issues all stacked up neatly on the bookshelf.

Every 12 issues, a year of my life.

Last week i received issue 237. It was a non-event. The games reviewed have already been reviewed by 100 other magazines and sites, all readily available on the internet. Some sites have even better writing than Edge. Now there are videos and podcasts.

Edge is still fundamentally the same Edge it was in 1994.

I don’t know whether it’s only because of the internet or it’s because i am older but Edge holds no surprises for me anymore. I would like to think that the reason i am still buying and reading it is because i am trying to find that feeling of wonder it used to give me but i know better.

I am only buying and reading it out of habit.

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