Incoherent Thoughts

29 Dec

It’s been almost a year since my last post on Lostingames was my first blog and it was focused on my experiences with video and board games. I stopped updating it in early 2011 for a number of reasons. One was because i slowly reduced my time investment in videogames. At first it was not a conscious decision but later on it was.

Why? Because i stopped enjoying the hobby. I haven’t yet pinpointed what has changed and whether it is a permanent thing but this meant that i had fewer and fewer video game experiences to talk about.

Although my alienation from videogames might have been the trigger it was not the only reason i stopped blogging. It was also because i had lost track of why i started blogging in the first place.

Initially it was so that i could put my thoughts in order and force myself to think about what i was playing and experiencing with video games. Then it became a means to an end. Attract followers to establish a video gaming community in Cyprus with a possible business venture if the right idea came along. Once that never materialised i became disillusioned with the blog.

The purpose of re-starting my blogging is again so that i organise my thoughts but this time on more varied topics. Basically i want to put all my incoherent thoughts on paper where hopefully they will someday start making sense.

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